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Community Feature

"Our Treat--Dorothy and Gary Longfellow!"
by Metaluna

[Ready for some ocean photography and sounds? This couple has a wonderful site containing San Diego beaches and sounds with live cam pictures. Also check their other pages which include a jukebox and my favorite - "Comedy Outpost for Kids" containing Disney, Nickelodeon and cartoons to name a few listed in their Index--ck]

It seems like once in a "Blue Moon," we get a site from a friend that amazes us! Then we need to save it and we have to delete something from a file so we have room for it, which then leads us to cleaning out our files! I felt so lucky to talk to a great couple from the San Diego area - Dorothy and Gary Longfellow. When I saw their site and links, I thought this had to be made with a computer!! (I'm glad I was wrong and it was made with a WebTV!)

Gary and Dorothy met at a dance at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, IL, in 1952. They fell in love and were married seven months later at their Aunt Opal's house in Medora, IL, on April 19, 1953. From then on, life was an adventure! "We started married life in an apartment in Belleville but, after a year, we were transferred to Manitoba, Canada and resided there for almost two years. The people there were very friendly and we met some really nice people in Beausejour."

After Gary's discharge from the Air Force, they settled down in Alton, IL, which was Dorothy's hometown. Gary worked for McDonnell Aircraft and was a member of the Alton Auxiliary Police "during all the time we spent in IL." Then 4 children later, all born in Alton, they moved on to Ft. Worth, TX in 1964. "Gary accepted a position as maintenance engineer at St. Francis Village. He was also a deputy sheriff at this time." Two years later and 2 more children, Gary went to Vietnam to help maintain helicopters. When he returned, they moved to San Diego, CA, "which we now call with great pride, home!" He took a job with General Dynamics and spent most of his time as a test technician on the ACM program. Then, along come three more children, dogs, a cat, birds, grandchildren and WebTV, but not in that order though!

Gary and Dorothy got their WebTV when they retired a few years ago. Dorothy said, "It sure has brought a lot of joy to our lives!" Like most of us, they learned HTML by surfing the web and reading Draac's tutorial. Eric and Denise Andressen uploaded to their websites before there even was transloading! You'll see a picture of the beach with the soothing sounds of waves, which was done by Ruth Hill, who is a member of ADH. "Tom Chatterton signed our guestbook and then he invited us to join the group a few years ago. We've been friends ever since then!" You can see all of this on their homepage.

Make sure you click on their ADH link to learn about this interesting and helpful group for making web pages! Nice to know about nice people who can help us with our own websites if we need it!

Ruth sent them the gif that they used to make Ocean Treat Two. Dorothy and Gary met Ruth through ADH too. Dorothy said, "We were so surprised about all the people visiting it and signing our guestbook. In three days, we had over 2,000 hits! Our most popular page has been "JUST FOR FUN NETWORK"-a link at their site. To read more about this very interesting couple, click on "ABOUT US" on their homepage! Also at this site, you'll also find poetry, more about their life, great pictures and much more!

I asked Dorothy what their favorite feature of WebTV is and she said, "Cut and paste"-of course! "It's a real time saver! Some of our pages took about a week to make and some just a few hours. We're always adding new things and making improvements!" That makes us want to check your site often, Dorothy and Gary!

Check out their INDEX TO OUR WEBSITES. And don't forget to sign their guestbook! You'll be mailed an "OCEAN TREAT" when you do!

[Community Editor's Notes: Your San Diego pictures of the ocean are pure delight. Oh, the sounds of the waves makes one want to jump in the car and zoom straight for the beach! And your kid's site was wonderful. Thanks for sharing so much with us!--ck]