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Message Hi Gary and Dorothy,                       I have an idea that with the name of Richard Nathan Longfellow as your ancestor their is a great possibility that he may have descended from Nathan Longfellow which was the last child born of the immigrant William. He was the brother of Stephen whose descendands included the poet Henry Wadsworth. Your connection may very well lead you back to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's brother Stephen that had a son named Frederick,or Alexander Wadsworth,or even Samuel Longfellow. I don't have a great amount of information in this area yet but would certainly be willing to do some checking on your line if you would be willing to share the data that you have on your Longfellow ancestors. I'm sure that it would not be too hard trace if your information goes back into the 1800's.                   This seems to be my work, the Longfellow family of America, and I probably have the biggest available database in the world on the family. So if you would like to connect your line to the immigrant William Longfellow I can assist you if you can email me any information that you have on your Longfellow ancestors by way of an Export(gedcom) file that most ancestral programs have. If you don't have an ancestral program then perhaps some kind of a record that you may have on your computer.                   If you are interested in this and finding your connection to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow please let me know and I'll see what I can find for you.                                                                                   Regards, David Uhrey Hi Gary and Dorothy,                    I was just doing a bit of checking and found that my G.G.Grandfather's brother Thomas J. Longfellow and his wife Annie and children were living in Payne County, Oklahoma. I'm not sure if this area is at all close to where your Ben was but I do know that Thomas J. had a son named Alva B. Possibly (Ben,Benjamin) born Mar 1888 and I believe also that he was a twin.               Now this Alva B. could have had Richard Nathan about 1910 and then Richard had you in 1933. This is still just a bit of speculation but I would still have to do some more checking to find out for sure. If you think that area is at all close to Oklahoma City then I could check a few other things out.                I'll see if i can find anything else that may help, Regards David Uhrey