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     To  My Super Terrific Husband


I would like this message
to be a lasting reminder
     of how special you are to me...

A birthday is a day of happiness,
a day for sharing feelings,
and a time for celebrating
     a very important person.

And YOUR birthday is
     an especially important day...
because it's a time to wish you
     a wonderful year ahead.
And it's a time to wish you a treasure
     of happiness from the year gone by.
And it's a time to give you
     a lasting reminder that you are
     very special to me...

          and you always will be.

                                 - by Chris Gallatin

    I Love You

Sweetheart, I love you with all my heart
and will forever and ever and always
           Your loving wife, Dorothy

Nov 27 08:17:22 1998,